9 NFT Podcasts You Need to Listen to!

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Well, not right now, but you can bookmark and listen to them when you’ve got time.

These 9 NFT podcasts cover everything, from the concept behind NFTs to more complex implications for the art and crypto world.

Why 9? Because you need to find the 10th best for you. That’s why.

These 9 are mostly just stand-alone episodes, part of bigger series on art or technology.  You will notice some of them are more tech-focused, with the discussion starting from the blockchain itself and touching on essential technology milestones. In these podcasts, art is “just a JPEG”.  

Then there are the NFT discussions that focus on the art itself and how crypto technology shapes today’s art world.

So, what we’ve done is put them into two big categories, each with another two sub-categories. Anyways, let’s not get caught up in these details and jump right into it.

NFT Podcasts for Beginners

These podcasts cover pretty much everything from the first baby steps of the blockchain to today’s NFTs and what they can bring to the table in the future. We’ve put them into two distinct groups:

–  NFT podcasts focused on the technology side

–  NFT podcasts focused on the art side

NFT Podcasts Discussing the Technology Side

The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast NFTs

The Guardian’s Science Weekly: Episode about NFTs

This is an episode from the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast series. It’s short and to the point, more for beginners, but it also has one or two unique ideas enthusiasts will appreciate.

Shivani Dave, the host, discusses the pros and cons of NFTs with Alex Hern, the Guardian’s UK technology editor.

Well, it’s not a dialogue, but more of an interview where the host asks fundamental questions and Alex answers, adding a sprinkle of intrigue.

The topic revolves around the idea of digital art ownership.

What do you own after you’ve bought an NFT? It’s not the art itself because the art is “just a JPEG”. What you own is a certificate of authenticity. What does that imply?

(Learn more about NFT ownership and the related issues in this article)

And the discussion goes on for about 20 minutes. They also discuss the concept behind the blockchain – a good introduction for newbies.

Elon Musk’s recent announcement that Tesla won’t accept bitcoin for car purchases anymore is also a topic.

There are a few unique ideas there, including why Beeple’s artwork series has been sold for precisely 69 million dollars. Why 69? Well, yes, hold that thought and listen first.

The Daily Podcast cryptocurrency

New York Times The Daily Podcast: Cryptocurrency’s Newest Frontier

Sabrina Tavernise, a national correspondent for The Times and columnist Kevin Roose, discuss the unexpected rise of NFTs.

It is quite an introductory discussion, covering the very beginning of the cryptocurrency era. There is a lot of interesting, helpful information in there as well.

We hear about the 2008 financial crisis and how that might have ultimately influenced the creation of a decentralized financial system.

Then there’s Pizza. Papa John’s Pizza, yes. The famed first-ever Bitcoin transaction, when a programmer from Florida spent 10,000 Bitcoin on two pizzas. Crazy!

It is a compelling discussion that’s both exciting and easy-to-listen-to for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, if you’re not a podcast listener (if you are not, I’m not sure why you’re here reading this article on NFT podcasts), you can just read the transcript of the podcast.

The Garyvee Audio Experience Podcast NFT

GaryVee Audio Experience: NFT Episode

You probably already know Gary Vaynerchuk, that super exciting, energizing person who happens to be an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Internet personality.

He’s been quite an inspiration for some people and has been buying Bitcoin since 2015.

If you know him, chances are you know about his podcast, but maybe this special episode on NFT might have slipped through your fingers. Well, here it is on Anchor.

NFT Podcasts Focused on the Art

A Future World Podcast NFTs

A Future World Podcasts: NFTs, Fashion & A world beyond social media

This is a podcast series supported by Dazed magazine.

In one of their episodes, arts writer Dean Kissick and founder of the Zora NFT marketplace, Dee Goens, discuss NFTs, ownership, the crypto-technology, the “Internet being free”, and the so-called democratization of art.

It’s energizing; it’s got good vibes, a lovely one-hour-and-20-minute listen.

Art Angle podcast NFT

The Angle Art: How NFTs are Changing the Art Market as We Know It

So, this is an NFT episode from the Art Angle podcast that focuses on the biggest stories from the art world.

Host Andrew Goldstein takes a deep dive into the art world every week and gives his listeners a look at what happens in museums, the art market, the artists’ workshops, and much more.

In this episode, business editor Tim Schneider and Andrew will discuss the basics of NFTs, why we should (not) care, and what the future might have in store for the art world.

Coming from a podcast focused on art, this NFT episode has a touch of dramatism you might enjoy.

If you’re new in the NFT world, these podcasts are a goldmine of info! And if you’re interested in acquiring your first NFT art, check out our guide to buying crypto art.

NFT Podcasts for Enthusiasts

You’ve already been following the NFT craze and are looking to soak up even more information with each passing day. This is it!

Just as above, we’ve split them into two categories:

–  Tech podcasts

–  Artsy podcasts


NFT Tech Podcasts

a16z podcast about NFTs

A16z’s podcast: All About NFTs

A16z is a venture capital firm from Silicon Valley, connecting all kinds of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers and industry experts involved in the technology ecosystem.

Anyways, that’s not the point. The point is they’ve had a podcast episode entitled “All About NFTs”. It is an hour-long deep dive into the foundations and terminology of NFTs while aiming to “cut through the hype” and reveal what it is all about.

The host interviews some illustrious guests, like Linda Xie, former Product Manager at Coinbase and Jesse Walden, co-founder of Mediachain Labs (acquired by Spotify).

The main points of discussion are:

  • What are non-fungible tokens – from the technicalities to the bigger picture
  • What is and what isn’t an NFT – who are the creators?
  • Myths and misconceptions about NFTs
  • Touching on the recent claims that the crypto market might be adding to the global warming problem (a topic we’ve already talked about)
  • A broader, bigger-picture look at NFTs that you might not have thought about so far
  • The various future applications of NFTs

Exciting stuff all-around here.

The Nifty Show NFT Podcast

The Nifty Show

It is one of the first NFT podcasts out there, or at least that’s what they say.

Who are they? The owners and hosts of the Nifty Show podcast are Joel Comm and Travis Wright.

Joel is a New York Times bestselling author, blockchain enthusiast, quite a technology influencer, and inspiring speaker.

Travis is a marketing technologist, blockchain advisor, tech journalist and so on. You got the idea.

They’re also the hosts of the Bad Crypto Podcast, a general podcast on everything crypto. You will find all their episodes on NFTs on their Youtube channel.

Apart from the ludicrous thumbnails they use for their videos, they’re some pretty funny guys. You might have to filter some of that info, but if you’ve got lots of time on your hands and a propensity for listening to long podcasts on the latest NFTs craze, then this one’s for you.

Edge of NFT Podcast

Edge of NFT Podcast

Browse through the various episodes, and listen to everything related to the NFT business. It’s a lot to take in from here, so we’ll let you explore the various topics for yourself.

It is a podcast for the dreamer and futurist in you, that’s for sure. Not a single spoiler given here, today. If you’re serious about NFTs, you’ve got to check it out yourself.

NFT Artsy Podcasts

The Week in Art Podcast about NFTs

The Art Newspaper: WTF are NFTs? Why crypto is dominating the art market

This is a podcast sponsored by the illustrious historical auction house Christie’s, whom we know had significant involvement in Beeple’s world-record NFT art sale.

The episode is “artsier” than the other ones here, but it might help to have a different angle, the creator’s angle.

 Also, as a bonus, you’ll hear more about the minimalist composer Terry Riley and his 1968 “You’re No Good” multi-disciplinary piece.

Yep, there’s a lot of art in there. Tread carefully.

Conclusion and other NFT Podcasts

The conclusion is pretty much yours to make. If you’re interested in NFTs and podcasts, then these episodes listed above will surely help you.

However, you’ve got to “get it”. Some people don’t get podcasts, and that’s okay. Suppose you don’t want to have a guy talking in your ear while you’re jogging, fine. But if you do, and you’ve made it this far, here’s a list of 3 more NFT podcasts to look into. Consider it a bonus!

1. Meaning WHAT podcast: episode on NFTs

2. Withers Talk Podcast: Investing in NFTs and crypto-assets – practical perspectives from Asia

3. Unconfirmed Podcast: Why NFTs are Attracting Everyday People to Crypto

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